Hey, I'm Hashir

A Computer Engineer creating mobile apps and static websites.

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Who I am

I graduated from National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in 2020 with a degree in Computer Engineering. I kick started my professional career as a mobile application developer working remotely for a UK based startup — Lessgo.

The tech industry is ever-evolving and I love being able to grow with it, while continually solidifying the fundamentals. I opensource my code from a place of empathy - for future developers, teammates, users, and with accessibility in mind. I also love joining communities, helping and mentoring new developers, and supporting organizations to promote diversity in tech. I’m sharing my programming journey on instagram, helping people who are just getting into the space of programming.

When I’m not programming, I focus on my hobbies which are: diary writing, doodling, meeting people and growing my network.

What I do

Mobile App Development

I create pixel perfect iOS and Andriod apps using Flutter.

Web Development

I create responsive static websites using Reactjs.



A digital diary and mood tracking app that helps you in keeping track of your mood and productivity throughout the month/year.


An emotional well being and mental health app. The app helps people to navigate their emotions in the light of the Quran.


A portfolio website template that helps you showcase your work, projects and skills as a software developer or freelancer.

Get in touch

Coffee Chat! Please do not hesitate to schedule a meeting. Alternatively, feel free to reach out directly by email at hashirshoaeb@gmail.com.

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